Morning Routine BUNTING



This beautiful Morning Routine Bunting is a visual aid and reminder of what your child needs to do every morning to get ready for their day. It is the perfect teaching tool for Mums.

Don’t you just dream of an efficient and stress free morning? One where you can get your younger kid/s ready and out of the house, actually on time for once?!

It’s way easier than you think with the help of this gorgeous ‘Morning Routine Chart’!


I’ve designed and illustrated this gorgeous Morning Routine Bunting that is not only super helpful but will look fantastic up on the wall!

I designed it to help eliminate some of the hurdles we are faced when raising kids. (I say some as there seems to be an ever increasing list!!!)


The Morning Routine Bunting consists of beautifully illustrated images that depict the individual steps associated with a morning routine.

This is to assist in breaking up the larger task of ‘getting ready for the day’ into smaller, more manageable steps.

Morning Routine Bunting is a great companion for preschool, toddler, Prep Kindergarten and Elementary School aged kids.


It is also a very helpful aid for kids with ASD and ADHD who positively respond to visual aids.



– 7 Individual Bunting Cards. Beautifully illustrated to represent the tasks below:

Wake Up

Go to the Toilet

Get Dressed

Eat Breakfast

Brush Teeth

Brush Hair

Pack Bag


– Each Bunting Card measuring (15cm x 19.5cm) / (6” x 7 ¾”)


– A ‘Grown Up’s’ page that outlines the benefits of the chart and ways to incorporate it, including helpful tips, techniques and instructions


– 6 Split Pins to join the Bunting Cards in what ever order you please (that way you can customise to suit your child’s routine)


– All presented in a gorgeous package as a nice surprise for you or a perfect gift for someone else



Individual Bunting Card size – (15cm x 19.5cm) / (6” x 7 ¾”)


Small parts (ie split pins) are included, therefore not suitable for children under 3 years of age.



Simply attach to any wall or surface of your choice with a small piece of Blu-Tak or get creative by threading some string through the available holes and hang.



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