A little about me!

Welcome to Sit Stay Go, I’m so thrilled that you have stopped by, since you asked here is a little bit about me!

I’m a mum to Jack, he’s 4 and he is just awesome. Also a wife to Chris, who I must say is pretty awesome too.


It’s by no accident that I have found myself designing and creating learning resources. I am a qualified Graphic Designer and qualified Teacher. Marry the two and Sit Stay Go is the result!

I loved both of these careers, however, enter child and like many of you know not only does your world change but sometimes a career change is needed too.


Fast-forward and I guess you could say the idea of Sit Stay Go and the learning resources organically grew alongside Jack.

I would get way too carried away making fun things to engage Jack and, of course, the designer in me always had to make them look the part too. This was especially so if they were intended for display, for example, a reference chart.

I think the moment when it changed from things to engage Jack, to an actual business light bulb moment, was when one day…

We were in toilet training mode and desperately needed a rewards chart. I very quickly found one and popped it on the fridge ready for the reward stickers to begin. This thing was UGLY and it stayed on our fridge for weeks until Jack was toilet trained.

Call me superficial, I’m happy to own that, but honestly I had a slight panic attack every time I passed this unaesthetic mishmash of primary colour ugliness. I really hated it!



Now days everything I design and create with Jack in mind, I package up into a beautiful learning resource that I can share with other mums. (No-one should have to endure the ‘ugly’ episode).

What makes the resources really special is that I put on my teacher pants (so to speak) and created a ‘For Grown Up’s’ page. It simply outlines all that great learning and development your child will get out of the resource and gives you some tips and tricks on using it.

If I can be honest, I initially created a lot of the resources for Jack so I could have just a little bit of quiet time… and maybe even a hot cuppa in one sitting (ha not microwaved 3 times!). It was also as a way to avoid the same incessant questioning routine that occurred every single evening before bed; total selfish reasons I know!!!

We are all Busy Mums and could do with any extra minutes in the day! So if I was winning on that front it would be rude not to share.

In a roundabout way I eventually got to where I am not and as a result I have my new love, ‘Sit Stay Go’!


Thanks for stopping by,

Trish xo



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