Helping Out (Responsibilities_Chores) BUNTING



This beautiful ‘Helping Out Chart’, also referred to as a ‘Chores Chart’, ‘Responsibility Chart’ or ‘Rewards Chart’, is a visual aid and reminder of what things your child could do regularly to contribute to the family responsibilities. It is the perfect tool for busy Mums.

It’s a great tool to encourage younger ones to actively contributing to the family responsibilities and helps to develop their self-esteem, confidence and sense of ownership.

—∆— IN BRIEF —∆—

∆∆∆ This Chart features 12 illustrated cards that clearly show 12 common tasks associated with chores and helping out.

∆∆∆ Choose as many or as little as you like to appear in your Bunting

∆∆∆ Each Bunting Card measuring (15cm x 19.5cm) / (6” x 7 ¾”)



— The 12x Helping Out, Chore Cards feature the responsibilities / chores listed below:
– Water Plants
– Check Mail
– Make Bed
– Help with Dishes
– Tidy Toys
– Help with Washing
– Set Table
– Clear Table
– Feed Pets
– Feed Cat
– Feed Fish
– Feed Dog

– Each Bunting Card measuring (15cm x 19.5cm) / (6” x 7 ¾”)

— A ‘Grown Up’s’ page that outlines the benefits of the banner bunting cards and ways to incorporate it into your routine, including helpful tips, techniques and instructions

— 12 Split Pins to join the Bunting Cards in what ever order you please (that way you can customise to suit your household routine)

— All presented in a gorgeous package as a nice surprise for you or a perfect gift for someone else

∆∆∆ The Chart helps to introduce kids to contributing to the family household and responsibilities.

∆∆∆ A ‘Helping Out Chart’ is a great companion for preschool, toddler, Prep Kindergarten and Elementary School aged kids.

∆∆∆ It’s also very helpful for kids with ASD and ADHD


∆∆∆ Small parts (ie split pins) are included, therefore not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

∆∆∆ Simply attach to any wall or surface of your choice with a small piece of Blu-Tak or get creative by threading some string through the available holes and hang.

∆∆∆ Colour may slightly vary ever so slightly from my screen to yours, so please keep this in mind



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