Who else wants to know the secret INSIDE the Mum Bun?

Posted on Feb 20, 2017 in Blog Posts
Who else wants to know the secret INSIDE the Mum Bun?


Hey Busy Mamas, Hands up if you proudly rock the ‘Mum Bun’? Maybe you know it as the ‘Top Knot’? Either way, I absolutely, whole heartedly do!

Up until recently, it was my total go-to for 5 out of 7 days of the week BUT I’ve just discovered the best sanity saving trick that has changed everything…


I’m now enthusiastically embracing the ‘Mum Bun’ each and EVERY day of the week.

Why you ask? Well it has nothing to do with hair maintenance and EVERYTHING to do with the trusty old saying “Mum’s got eyes in the back of her head”.

The other day I could feel my son Jack, kicking the back of my seat in the car. I asked him to stop, then, in true 4year old fashion, instead of simply stopping and that being the end of it, he demands to know how I could possibly see him when I was driving?!?

I was so quick to respond with the goods that I actually surprised myself. (I must have had several coffee’s that morning and been completely on my game.)

Me: “My eye can see you…’

Jack:   “What eye?”

Me: “The eye in my bun!”

At this stage I knew that if I used the ‘eyes in the back of my head’ saying, Jack would have a savvy comeback along the lines of… “but I can’t see the back of your head, so it can’t see me, the seat is in the way…

It was at that moment I realised my ‘Mum Bun’ was the only part of me tall enough to poke over the top of the car seat.

After a minute of silence, while Jack ponders our conversation…

Jack: “What am I doing now then?”

Luckily I could see him in the rear vision mirror and had a comeback for that and all his questions to follow.


The next day as I was putting my hair in the trusty ‘Mum Bun’, Jack gently pulls my head towards him and carefully touches the bun.

Me: “What are you doing?”

Jack: “Just seeing if your eye is awake yet”

VICTORY!!! He’s convinced!


It’s been a couple of weeks now and Jack often asks if my eye is awake or asleep, and I have successfully used the trusty trick on many occasions! Total lifesaver!! If he knows I am watching him that little bit closer, he is that little bit better behaved!

Seriously you have to get on board and embrace the power of the “eyes in the Mum Bun”, then tell all your friends who rock the Mum Bun, share the love!


Speaking of sharing the love I have another sanity saving trick that I’d love for you to have. It’s an activity pack that is available for free, on my web page, just up at the top there. It’s super easy to get, just add your email addy and it comes straight to your inbox.

It has a stack of activities that the kids can do all by themselves; especially useful for when they are testing your sanity and you need a cuppa break.


You can have it downloaded and printed by the time the kettle boils!

Take care Busy Mums,

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