The Secret of the Unicorn Cake

Posted on May 1, 2017 in Blog Posts
The Secret of the Unicorn Cake


Unicorn Birthday Cake… Before & After

I went to not one but 2 parties on the weekend and both had a Unicorn cake!

Both cakes were immaculate! Beautiful swirls of colourful goodness adorned the ever so sweet mane, whilst the beautiful golden horn was sure to cast magical wishes for all.


Anyone could be forgiven for forgetting they were actual cakes! So when it was served to me on a sweet little pink plate all those layers of flavoured, colourful goodness were too good to be true!

Seconds Yes Please!


It got me thinking whether I could make a cake of such grandeur? Surely there was no secret recipe, after all, my friends were able to achieve this spectacle of amazement, no reason I couldn’t too.

My mind started to run away with me and I was planning a shopping list of all the specialist cake utensils I would need and I was on a mission Googling where to buy the ingredients.


Lets just take a step back though… up until this point in my life I didn’t know what ‘fondant’ was, and any cake I baked was sporting my signature trade mark ‘volcano’ style (aka all sunken in the middle!).

Not to mention the taste ratio was all-wrong as I had to fill up the ‘volcano’ with copious amounts of butter cream.


My hubby got wind of this ‘great cake event’ I was planning and ever so quietly reminded me of my past … uh hem… ‘achievements’.

He, ever so gently brought me back down to earth and suggested I start with the good old basics in the ‘Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book’. Such a smart man!

The Secret I have is…

Clearly my skill level for baking puts me in no position to offer advice on the illusive Unicorn Cake, however, The secret I can offer is time…

If you do decide to embark on the unicorn cake challenge you are sure to need more than a few free hours, a baby sitter, magical unicorn?… Or you could pop over here to check out my kids activities.

I may not be able to help with the unicorn cake but I can certainly help with entertaining the little ones.