Batboy FREE A4 Printable

Posted on Aug 4, 2016 in Blog Posts, Free stuff
Batboy FREE A4 Printable

Free A4 Batboy Printable


Lately I have been nurturing my creative side (and escaping some of my admin work) which has resulted in some illustrations of gorgeous little Superhero’s.

My 3 year old son has suddenly developed a keen interest in all things Superhero’s. I love witnessing his imaginative play with them and I can tell you, there is nothing more heart warming than sitting with a hot cuppa and listening to him chatter away in dialogue of their adventures.

In saying that there is one thing that I keep questioning… Why, in order to be perceived as a ‘superhero’ does a character need to have such big, exaggerated muscles and a look of menace?

Instead of trying to come up with any kind of logical answer I responded by illustrating my interpretation of superhero’s inspired by my own little superhero (my son). They are a bit squishy around the edges and at times a little afraid but in the end they can conquer anything and anyone with their big hearts and beautiful personalities.

Batboy can be all yours, for FREE! Yay!

I’d love for you to follow the link and download the A4 size Batman inspired Batboy all ready to be printed and popped up on your little Superheros wall (or in your living room, what ever works!)

Get your FREE Batboy Here

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